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I'm currently 19, am getting a double degree with Biology and an extremely broad liberal arts major thing, am interested in studying human and animal sexuality, and I like a lot of things! All I really need in life are musicals, the original Star Wars and Star Trek, bright colors, blue skies, and hot tea. ♥
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star wars - well excuuuuuuse me princess

Star Wars.

Last night my parents were out of town. So, naturally, I carefully planned to watch something delightfully inappropriate and distinctly homosexual and, of course, make comments doubly so through the entire thing. I ended up watching, I wish I were kidding (this is a lie), the Original Trilogy Star Wars DVDs, which I borrowed from Beb on sudden whim.

Guys, I love, love, love Star Wars.

I love C-3PO and his worry and his odds and R2 and his cool and their total inseparableness from the very beginning. I love how Luke is a total wanker (but also very pretty) when he first shows up. I love how he is so, so instantly smitten with Leia from three seconds of the message. I love Han and his cool and Chewie and "Sorry for the mess". I love how quickly Han and Luke establish a closeness, even while they bicker a little about Obi-Wan and everything else. I love Leia and her sexy sleeping even in a cell block and "Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?" (And, of course, "I'm Luke Skywalker, I'm here to rescue you," which is never not hilarious.) I love how Leia totally takes control. I love how quickly Han gets to molesting her in the garbage chute, and how both of them were Very Concerned about Luke. I love how the Stormtroopers are talking like ordinary guys. I love Obi-Wan and his look at Luke and his calm and how he did nothing about the obvious CSI. I love (really really love) Han's pants and the totally hilarious but also really smokin' hip thing that he does when he calls Luke to the guns, which I totally watched twice in slow-motion because shit, I love that. I LOVE "NO." I love Han and Luke's goodbye and the long lingering looks, and also how totally obvious Luke is when he's smitten (not that Han is much subtler). I love Wedge and Biggs (in third grade, I used to use Wedge whenever a game asked me for my name). I love Han's entrance and Luke's face when he does, and I LOVE THE REUNION SCENE SO SO MUCH.

I love how Han and Luke are clearly a team by Hoth. I love Han and Leia's bickering and how Han is subtle like a ton of bricks to the head and, of course, "He could USE a good kiss!" If I said that I loved Luke and Han's lingering looks last movie, they are nothing, nothing, compared to the ones here, god. I love how Han just charges out into the cold without hesitating when he hears about Luke and then the total gropeage when he does to keep him waaaarm. I LOVE LUKE'S RECOVERING-IN-BED SCENE, because it is THE GREATEST SCENE EVER. I love when Han totally takes control to haul the Princess out. I love Yoda and his obnoxious rummaging and Luke's babysitting face, followed by his Oh, Fuck, Realization face. I love all of the asteroid happenings, "We don't have time for anything else," (which I just caught aslfkjasd), "My hands are dirty," and, most of all, "SIR, SIR! I'VE JUST ISOLATED THE REVERSE POWER COUPLING! :DDDDDDD" I love how quickly after that they have a totally established Relationship. I love how smoove Lando is and his grins and his pain. I love, love, fuckin' love Han's reaction when Lando mentions Luke - that's when he finally snaps and attacks - and, on a very similar note, how Luke totally throws away everything when he sees Han and Leia in pain. I love the carbon-freezing scene, really. I love the confrontation with Vader and his screams and how, at that point, Luke is totally a hybrid of Wanker and Jedi. I love Lando and Han's matching "it's not my fault!"s! I love Leia's turn-around and Lando's rescue (and how you can never not wonder what he's thinking when he pulls him off those bars) and how Leia kisses him and, later, stands by him. I love the final shot of The Empire Strikes back.

I love how I can never see the shot of 3PO and R2 in front of Jabba's place without seeing the 'GAY BAR' icon. I love how Luke has totally transformed himself, and how both Han and Vader were the catalysts. I love Leia, a lot. I especially love Han's reaction when Chewie mentions the whole Jedi Knight thing, because it is never not hilarious (and maybe even a little sad). I love how Luke wears all black this movie, for shallow and non-shallow reasons, although speaking of shallow, I LOVE THE BIKINI OUTFIT OK OK. (I also love the part where Luke shows up and Leia's there and you can only IMAGINE what they're thinking, aslfkjasd.) HOLY SHIT THE DIVING BOARD THING IS JUST THE COOLEST FUCKING THING EVER GODDAMN I LOVE IT. I love the entire Sarlacc scene! I love how Luke says Leia's name when he realizes: a breath, a prayer. I love how Han volunteered for the mission to the moon and called Lando crazy (and, of course, the interactions of the three of them in that scene and how Leia knew something was wrong and how Luke looked at her). I love the scene with Luke and Leia in the trees and their eyes and also how, I guess, by "always known" Leia meant "always as in from right after me sticking my tongue in your mouth". (I'M NOT SORRY.) I love ewoks, because they are adorable and powerful and together, and because when that one sees the other not move, it always breaks my heart. I love Luke's face when Vader says Leia, god, because that cannot happen because Leia is light and beauty and Leia. I love the Death Star's destruction, how Luke's victory is just part of the story. I love this reunion, too, but oh, it hurts.

I love how, after it all, Luke is still so damaged but still there, and how he's going to have to somehow accept that he's in love with his sister, and to somehow rebuild and keep moving. I love that Han and Leia will, undoubtedly, solidly, be there with him.

I love how gorgeous the digitally remastered version is (for rlz), and how it just shows off how gorgeous the original is because really, the lighting in every single scene is worth about ten geekgasms. I love that Han is the original Captain TightPants, and that Luke and Leia are the original CSI (and how, apparently, those are just a good combination). I love Leia's magical hair and beauty and control and best heroine ever, guys, and Han's sarcasm and swagger and heart and Luke, god, I love Luke. I love how classic everything is, how archetypal and epic and ageless. I love how fuckin' easy it is to get into them, especially A New Hope, to the point that, years after the age where I charged around the playground as Luke Skywalker (no kidding), I marathon them and have to immediately, at 6 o'clock in the morning, type up a totally ridiculous, huge, tl;dr post talking about why I love it - and then, not post it until the next day, because I don't have the perfect icon.

Most of all, you guys, I love Han, Luke, and Leia. OT fucking three, guys. OT fucking three.
ouran - eh well

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Girlfriend, on why she doesn't like sharing a freezer: "I just don't like seeing all their food - it's like seeing into their stomachs."

(Also, at her insistence, from me: "Ugh, I guess I have to work again,"... said while opening Delicious.
house - SIR SIR :D:D:D

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MERRY CHRISTMAS. SORRY I SUCK AT UPDATING. HOPEFULLY I WILL ACTUALLY FINISH THIS NEW YEARS ART THING I AM WORKING ON AND THEN, UH, ACTUALLY POST IT. ... YOU KNOW, BEFORE NEW YEARS. ... even though I only have like an hour of work left, and it is really a pretty fast little thing. yup.
star trek - here we are.

Oh boy, LoveActually. Why do you do this to me.

Okay, guys, this is a difficult post and it sucks that I just really feel like I have to make it to keep my enjoyment and, well, love of this movie. We watch LoveActually every December, and I nearly have the dang thing memorized. It's a great movie, totally amazing - the cast is, well, no words needed; the camerawork and lighting and pacing and editing etc is gorgeous; the characters are sympathetic and human with lives and flaws and hearts; the script is witty and hilarious and heartbreaking and moving and wonderful.

But fuck, every time I watch it, the more and more bothers me. This movie has it all, subtly and occasionally not: racism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, sizeism, a touch of xenophobia. (I'm sure I missed something.)

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wc - method acting

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Wow, Burke family: for an intensely affectionate couple with a decent sense of style (okay, one member with a decent sense of style), you really do have a deeply unfortunate problem with ugly couches that would be deeply uncomfortable for sprawling, cuddling, or foot massages.

I'm just letting you know: you have no one but yourselves to blame for my future artistic license.
star trek - the scream


okay so I haven't posted on here since for FUCKING EVER, but GOD I AM JUST SO ANGRY



My only hope is the knowledge that delicious is, after all, fandom's place (FUCK YOU SO MUCH YAHOO UGHHHH) and that we can freaking find someplace new. AO3 bookmarking, I believe this is your cue.

disney hom - omfg.

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Dear Final Fantasy XIII,

I know we only just met, and the only things I know about you are what our mutual friend has told me.

I know it seems shallow of me to judge on looks alone, but I can't help it. I am so turned on right now. I don't have the time at the moment, but I hope that we can spend many nights together soon.

Betsy's erection.